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Understanding Debt

Contrary to popular belief, debt isn’t always bad…for those who know how it works. Learn how debt works so you can use it properly, safely, and to your advantage.

Personal Finance

Cash is out and mailing checks is from 1980. Discover why money doesn’t work the same as it did in the past and learn the most effective ways to improve your finances in the modern era.

Real Estate Investing

Learn the real-world secrets to finding, financing, flipping, renting, and investing in real estate from a seasoned and professional investor (It’s not like what you see on TV).

Did You Hear - Debt is Good
Debt isn’t bad. Just misunderstood.

Research shows that those who struggle to pay off debts are more than twice as likely to report mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression. We’ve been fed this idea that debt is bad and we need to get out of it as soon as possible. We’ve been told to make all necessary sacrifices in order to live a debt-free lifestyle. We’ve been taught to fear debt.

And what happens if we believe it? 

Your Money - Budget Planning and More
Times have changed. Don’t get left behind.

You’ve probably been told to get a job to make money. You might have even been advised to go to college in order to land a higher paying job. This was good advice…80 years ago. But times have changed and that just might be a losing recipe now. Read More ….

The money you make can help others
Money makes a difference.
Why are charities, churches, and nonprofits always hitting you up for money?
Because the reality is, money is one of the greatest resources we have available to help others. Money can build hospitals, it can buy food, and it can fund research to cure diseases. There’s simply no substitute for this awesome and versatile substance. There’s also an amazing phenomenon that occurs when you use money to help others. It’s almost supernatural. Read more ….
Giving Back

Make money. Give back. Repeat. Check out our featured organization and help improve the world.

World Vision Micro is a finance program that combats the root causes of poverty. They use their micro finance program to provide loans to hopeful entrepreneurs in under developed regions.

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