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A New Generation of Personal Finance: Workshops to Open Your Financial Potential

Make Money

From investing to business, increase the ways you generate money.

Manage Money

Challenge conventional wisdom with proven techniques to get better with your money. 

Maximize Money

Identify opportunities to save, grow, and expand your resources.
Modern Money

Times have changed and so has your money. Modern Money is an online personal finance training program developed from proven techniques in the real world to help you understand and get better with money.

What you’ll learn:

  • 8 fundamental money principles
  • FLOODG8™ Budgeting System
    • How to automate your budget
    • Working with your spouse
    • Using technology to save time and money
  • How to take advantage of the power of credit cards
  • Why cutting expenses and saving money doesn’t work anymore
  • The most effective way to improve your finances
  • And much more…

Includes interactive workbook

Price: $297

Price: $397

Debt Advantage

Contrary to popular belief, debt isn’t always bad…for those who know how it works. Debt Advantage is an online training program developed from proven results that teaches you how debt really works so you can manage it properly.

What you’ll learn:

  • How and why debt works
  • Why you can never avoid debt and how to use it to your advantage
  • The most effective method to eliminate your debt
  • What to do if you are falling behind on payments
  • Why getting out of debt is NOT always the best strategy
  • How to eliminate high-interest debt quickly
  • How to use credit cards to make money
  • And much more…

Includes interactive workbook

Profit with Real Estate: Complete Investor

Become a successful real estate investor by completely immersing yourself in this extensive online training program. Real-world information is only part of the curriculum. With interactive homework assignments, weekly live conference calls, and an “emergency” investor phone number, this program is strategically designed to help you become a bona fide real estate investor. Through this training, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of real estate investing, be taught the most effective ways to find and identify deals, and provided with detailed training on how to purchase properties with the most profit potential. When you complete this training you will know all the ins and outs of real estate investing and will be equipped with the tools to start investing smart from start to finish.


This detailed online training program will teach you how to find, buy, and flip houses for maximum profit. You will learn proven techniques from a successful real estate investor on how to find deals before anyone else and what to look for in your next house flip. Upon completion of this training program, you’ll have gained the tools to better negotiate with sellers, how to calculate acquisition costs, and how to structure a purchase to best eliminate financial risk.


Both developed and hosted by a creative finance expert, this online training program will teach you how to finance your next real estate deal. You’ll learn traditional and advanced techniques for funding your investments and study real-world case studies of several creative and no-money-down transactions that you can apply to your investments. This training will provide you with the tools to procure appropriate financing for a profitable real estate investment transaction.


Through this online training program you will learn how to purchase and profit from rental properties. Gain detailed insight on how to “tenant proof” your rental for long-term profitability and how to analyze potential deals. The information and supplemental elements that accompany this training program will help you achieve maximum return on investment with your current and/or future rental properties.

What the Bible actually says about money

Is debt sinful? Will riches draw us further away from God? Is money really “the root of all evil”?

Being raised in the church, entrepreneur and critically-acclaimed author, Ryan Mix, grew up thinking the answer to these questions was ‘yes’ – that the Bible and money simply do not mix. But after business success showed him how money worked and how it can be used to create jobs, fund charities, and improve lives, he began to wonder whether the Bible really warns us against it or whether it has just been misunderstood. Through in-depth research and interviews with Biblical experts, Ryan set out on a spiritual journey to discover what the Bible actually says about money. With a bold and humorous style, he investigates some of the Bible’s most cited, and often misunderstood, money-related verses, revealing their original meanings and connecting them to today’s economy. Referencing and analyzing over 100 different Biblical passages, this extraordinary study could change the way you view money and life.

This book is available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook versions.

Giving Back

Make money. Give back. Repeat. Check out our featured organization and help improve the world.

World Vision Micro is a finance program that combats the root causes of poverty. They use their micro finance program to provide loans to hopeful entrepreneurs in under developed regions.

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