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“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

From putting food on our tables to building top-rate medical facilities, money is arguably the most powerful resource we have on Earth, yet most people don’t understand it. FLOODG8 is a company developed by experienced and successful businessmen and businesswomen which teaches students how money works in the real world. From personal finance, to investing, to starting a business, FLOODG8 offers trainings and education on how to use money most effectively in today’s economy. There are millions of organizations giving money, feeding people for today.

We teach people how to make, manage, and maximize money

feeding them for a lifetime

Ryan Mix - Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur
Ryan Mix
Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur
Janine Mix - Business Development Pro and Entrepeneur
Janine Mix
Business Development Pro and Entrepreneur

Ryan Mix is a critically-acclaimed author and professional real estate investor. From nearly broke and living off unemployment, he managed to build a multimillion-dollar real estate investment portfolio within just a few years. He has experience in all areas of real estate investing, from flipping houses to large commercial acquisitions. A debt and creative finance expert, he uses his nontraditional methods to help others maximize their resources while focusing on quality of life.

Janine Mix has over twenty years of experience in the retail industry, as a buyer, merchandiser, manager, trainer, personal shopper and stylist, and has helped open stores across the country in premier locations like Beverly Hills and SoHo, New York. She has worked with large cities to improve their retail exposure and has helped other clients expand into new locations nationwide through her executive business consulting firm. Using her innovative techniques and extensive leadership, she has proven sales growth among multiple companies, some of which have experienced sales growth of over 100%.


Christian author and entrepreneur, Ryan Mix, grew up in the church and graduated from a Christian high school and college. Throughout his lifelong experience in Christian institutions, he noticed a vast disproportion in the amount of times Jesus talked about money and possessions in the Bible compared to the times pastors talk about it in church.

Ryan met his now wife, Janine, in Los Angeles, and as they both shared in the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, they realized the difficulties they were facing and quality of life they were lacking could mostly be attributed to their poor financial understanding. What they were doing wasn’t working, so they both decided to hit the “restart” button on their lives. They gave up everything they had worked for and with no jobs and just a few thousand dollars in savings, they moved to Montana. After a few short years of dedicating themselves to expanding their financial intelligence and working together, they went from living in a friend’s basement to owning several businesses and a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio.

Seeing a huge need for, but noticeable absence of, quality financial education available in churches, Ryan and Janine formed FLOODG8 to provide Christians with the same financial information they have used to help change their lives.

Giving Back

Make money. Give back. Repeat. Check out our featured organization and help improve the world.

World Vision Micro is a finance program that combats the root causes of poverty. They use their micro finance program to provide loans to hopeful entrepreneurs in under developed regions.

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From personal finance, to investing, to starting a business, FLOODG8™ offers training and education on how to use money most effectively in today’s economy.

Ready to make, manage, and maximize your money? We are here for you.

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